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Flashpoint Xplor 600 High Speed Sync Monolight- when Pixel Team wants to overpower the sun and create his legendary "fake skies" this is the light he uses. It's powerful, has a good recycle time, fires EVERY time and comes with a transmitter that goes on top of your camera shoe and the receiver is built into the light meaning this kit comes with everything you need for high speed sync off camera flash! What's even better? It's the absolute best priced light on the market beating other lights that are double, triple, or quadruple the price and deliver marginal performance at best (only in recycle time). If you're looking for great build quality, value, and performance, nothing beats this as a monolight.  


Flashpoint Speedlight- this flash is a lithium battery powered flash that delivers long lasting consistent results and is only 25% the price of it's Sony, Nikon and Canon counterparts. What's even better is that it has a receiver built in that works with the R2 transmitter (the one used for the Flashpoint Xplor 600) meaning you can either put the flash directly on your camera, or you can use it as an off camera flash with the R2 transmitter! There are manual and TTL versions of this flash. This is an incredible value, well built, and you don't need to burn through your AA batteries like traditional flashes.

Pixel Team uses the manual version of the speedlight as he doesn't use TTL in his work. 


Rotolight Anova Pro- this is one of the most revolutionary products in the world. It is the first professional grade LED light that also fires FLASH in normal and High Speed Sync modes, with NO recycle time. It is an incredible piece of equipment and is the one light that Pixel Team would choose if he could only have one light to take with him to a shoot. There are two different versions of the Anova Pro. The Bi-Colour is great for video work as you can change the temperature on the light. The 5600k version does not have the option to change color temperature but it is 2 stops brighter than the Bi-Colour. Both units serve as a constant LED and flash unit and both can be powered by DC power or battery. The Anova Pro is approximately 4-5 times brighter than the Neo.  

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